Go Wireless...


Vintage Manual Typewriters

If you're looking for a vintage manual typewriter, you're in the right spot. At Vintage Typewriters Ireland, our goal is to get as many of these classic writing machines back out in the world as possible. Ideally to be used for their original purpose: Writing.

Why Use A Typewriter?

To... Slow... Down. Disconnect. Go truly wireless. Using a typewriter allows you to take time out from the maelstrom of digital information with which we are constantly engaged. Writing on one is an organic, deliberate and focused act. It allows for distraction-free creativity.

No notifications.

No alerts.

No reminders.

Only you. Your thoughts. Ink and paper. That's when the magic happens.

And they look cool too!

The typewriters I sell come completely restored, in full working condition, new ribbon installed and ready to start typing!

There may be an online shop in the future, but for now, I'd rather chat about it...


So. . . get in touch

I always prefer to chat with you about your search for a typewriter. A five minute phone conversation is the best way to help us match you with the perfect typewriter for your needs. Call me: +353-86-837-7171.

I have several typewriters in stock. A few are ready to go, but most are in line for the workbench. If you're just too shy, you can email me using the link below.

I look forward to hearing from you. - Leo