1963 Hermes Baby – €430

This beautifully restored 1963 Hermes Baby is an excellent example of this ultraportable that is so popular with collectors. To many the Baby is the last word in ultraportables. It’s …

1970’s Sperry-Rand Envoy 3 *SOLD*

Beautifully restored Remington Sperry-Rand Envoy |||. Stunning inky-blue colour makes it a brilliant conversation piece when not being used to type your masterpiece.

1952 Empire Aristocrat *SOLD*

Fully restored 1952 Empire Aristocrat in charcoal grey. Empire Aristocrats were a clone of the Hermes Baby made in the U.K. under licence. They are some of the most popular …

1967 Smith Corona Corsair *SOLD*

Here we have a near-prefect condition 1967 Smith-Corona Corsair in aqua blue with bright white key-tops. It comes with original clam-shell case that is in perfect restored condition. Retro style.